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Want a Full Head of Hair?

DHT Is A HAIR KILLING Hormone (Present In Both Men and Women) That Builds Up as You Get Older. This Invisible Toxin “Shrivels Up” Your Hair Follicles (Up to All 100,000 Of Them) – Causing Your Hair Loss, Hair Thinning, And Baldness. Thankfully GRO™ Is the Little Purple Pill That Will WIPE AWAY And BLOCK ALL YOUR DHT!

  • GUARANTEED New Full Coverage & Growth
  • GUARANTEED NEW Thick Fullness & Volume
  • GUARANTEED NEW Radiant Shine
  • GUARANTEED NEW Silky-Smooth Flow
  • GUARANTEED NEW Restored Color

The Little Purple Pill That

Will Wipe Away Your DHT …

And Make Your Hair GRO Fast!

  • 100% Vegan
  • Crulty Free
  • Fast Acting
  • Paraben Free
  • Clinically Tested
Left Unchecked, DHT Destroys Your Hair
GRO™ blocks DHT allowing your hair to grow again!

DHT is Silently Killing Your Hair
Thankfully, GRO™ blocks DHT allowing hair to grow again

These 3 Clinically-Proven Ingredients Will Wipe Away DHT like Chalk from a Chalkboard

Ingredient #1

Clinical Grade Certified PURE MSM

This incredible DHT blocker also uses its sulfur compounds to:

  • Form NEW keratin BONDS, strengthening the keratin in your hair for increased hair growth .
  • Absorb Powerful Antioxidants to promote new follicle bonds for NEW growth, healthy hair, and the strengthening of your existing hair strands.
  • Induce early conversion of telogen phase to anagen phase of your hair cycle (in other words, taking your follicles out of their resting phase to begin NEW growth earlier).

Ingredient #2

Clinical Grade Certified PURE Saw Palmetto

  • “The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine” detailed how Saw Palmetto (like that found in “GRO: by The Beverly Hills Escape”) was able to WIPE AWAY EXISTING DHT, and BLOCK NEW DHT from forming, by actually blocking 5-alpha-reductase (the enzyme that converts hormones in your body to DHT).
  • Increase average hair count, show improvement in hair growth, and offer noticeable improvement to the hair itself.

Ingredient #3

Clinical Grade Certified PURE L-Lysine

  • Assists in rebuilding protein structures (keratin) in your hair.
  • Is present in the roots of healthy hairs and responsible for hair’s flowing shape and thick volume).
  • Promotes NEW and existing hair growth as a building block of protein
  • Acts as the essential foundation for healthy hair growth by increasing collagen production
  • Boosts hair elasticity, flexibility, and strength through additional collage production
  • Eliminates brittle hair that’s vulnerable to damage by regulating your hair’s calcium levels
  • Enhance collagen production to actually rebuild the protein structures of your hair

Meet our founder:
Dr. Michael O’Leary

The Top Hair & Skin Doctor Preferred by Hollywood A-List Celebrities

My team and I discovered the “hair restoring secret” locked deep inside the chemical structures of these foods – and found a way to “hyper-concentrate” their power into a single pill capable of empowering ALL 100,000 of your hair follicles to regenerate – enabling you to grow healthy, thick NEW hair!

The “One-a-Day” Miracle Vitamin
That Restores & Regrows Your Hair!
(For Women AND Men)


These Photos Prove It Only Takes 10 Seconds a Day To Completely Revitalize Your Hair Without A Prescription From The Privacy of Your Home!

Made in America “one a day miracle vitamin” is unlike anything available before! Formulated (in a very specific proprietary way) from three CLINICALLY PROVEN ALL-NATURAL Ingredients (L-Lysine, Saw Palmetto, MSM) this unprecedented DHT blocker is the KEY

These Men and Women Fully Rejuvenated Their Hair Growth, Volume, Thickness, Shine, And Color by Wiping Away Their Hair-Destroying DHT. You Can Too.

90-Day Guarantee

You have a FULL 90 DAYS to try “GRO: by The Beverly Hills Escape” RISK-FREE, with my…