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Who Has Discovered the Prescription-Free Cream That’ll Eliminate Your Crepe Skin In Just 14 Days - Guaranteed

Originally and exclusively set up for celebrity clients looking for a regenerative, relaxing experience, Dr. O’Leary founded his spa inspired Medical Offices (called the “Beverly Hills Escape”), in the calm, pristine, sunny highlands, of the Nevada desert, a quick 55 minute private flight from the never ending bustle of Beverly Hills, California. It is here where he first introduced “The Beverly Hills Escape, Crepe Tightener & Skin Restoring Complex” to a small handful of wealthy Californians, along with Hollywood A-List actors and actresses – who wanted (and needed) to look decades younger quickly and without surgery.

But Dr. O’Leary isn’t just known for his Hollywood retreat and his breakthrough skin treatment… he is most widely recognized for his tremendous philanthropic work …

Dr. O’Leary Helps Care for Pediatric Burn Victims at Shriners Hospitals For Children

His Breakthrough Cream Will Eliminate Your Wrinkles & Crepe Skin In Just 14 Days

Thankfully, wrinkles, lines and Crepe Skin on your face, neck and hands, can now be corrected inexpensively, simply, and easily in just 14 days, by making “The Beverly Hills Escape, Crepe Tightener & Skin Restoring Complex” part of a 60-second daily routine. But treating pediatric burn victims is another matter entirely. The time, expertise, and money needed to help a child heal the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma caused by burns is enormous. That’s why Dr. Michael O’Leary has decided to partner with, and pledge $1,000,000 to, The Shriners Hospital Pediatric Burn Center.

Helping Heal The Most Damaged Skin Quickly and Forever

Known worldwide, Shriners Hospital is the leader in treating children with burns, scars and complicated skin conditions. Shriners Hospitals for children is truly on the front lines. Their burn facilities are recognized as verified burn centers by the American Burn Association and the American College of Surgeons, and their pediatric burn teams include some of the world’s finest pediatric specialists who are immersed in the latest clinical research and have decades of experience working with children.

World’s Top Doctor

Discovers 60-Second -a-Day Cream That Eliminates Lines & Wrinkles From Face, Neck & Hands

It’s no surprise to the Cosmetics Review Monthly editorial staff that Dr. Michael O’Leary, (one of the World’s foremost authorities on aging), was the one person who was able to breakthrough, discover, and formulate the only known cream that can truly eliminate lines, wrinkles and crepe skin from the face, neck and hands – in just 14 days! (Turn the page to see exactly how this cream will make you look 20 years younger…)

America’s Top Doctors Heal Damaged Skin

It is there pediatric burn victims will be healed by top doctors, including:

  • DR. David Greenhalgh, MD, Chief of Burns at Shriners Hospitals For Children, Northern California and President Elect of the International Society for Burn injuries
  • Dr. Tina Palmieri, MD, FACS, FCCM, assistant chief of burns at Northern California Shriners hospital and member of the American Burn Association Trauma Burns and Critical Care Board
  • Dr. Stephen E Wolf MD, Chief of Staff at Shriners Hospitals for Children, Galveston, who is the current president of the American Burn Association
  • And by a team of Physical Therapists, many of whom, like Ingrid Perry, have been honored by the American burn association for exemplary work in the field