GRO by The Beverly Hills Escape With DHT-Stopping Ingredients to Help Your Hair Grow Thicker, Longer, and Faster

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For men and women of all ages, hair thinning, and hair loss, is truly devastating. Not only for the loss seen in the mirror, but for the negative, traumatizing feelings that come along with it. Unfortunately, many, many people view hair loss as a personal failure, something to be ashamed of. But let me tell you right now – hair loss is NOT your fault! The culprit is a silent hair killer called DHT

DHT is a hormone naturally present in both men and women. And as you get older, (even as early as your twenties) your DHT levels unfortunately increase. (Men have a bit more DHT – that’s why they bald faster and more often than women) But male or female, when you DHT levels rise, it negatively affects your 100,000 hair follicles by binding to their androgen receptors – SHRIVELING THEM UP!!!

This little purple pill will wipe away your DHT and make your hair GRO fast! We guarantee you will be able to:

  • Regrow ALL Your Lost Hair

  • Grow NEW Hair

  • Increase Your Hair Volume & Thickness

  • FILL IN Your Hair Thinning

  • Rejuvenate Your Hair’s Health & Wellness

  • Transform Your Hair Follicles from Damaged to “Revitalized”

  • WAKE UP Your Hair Follicles from Dormant to “Fast Growing”

  • Create NEW Hair Follicle Growth (The “Hole” in Your Skin Where Your New Hairs “Sprout”)

  • Increase Production of Your Hair’s Protective Protein (Keratin)

  • Strengthen Your Hair Shaft (& Prevent “Fall Out”)